Taking Care Of Acne – Preventive Measures

When you fail to take care of your skin you’ll end up having a lot of skin problems, most of the times you’ll wake up and find a lot of acne spots on your face, cold sore and zit on the nose. You’ll feel like your skin is difficult to manage because you’ve tried a bunch of products to deal with your skin problems and there seems to be no any noticeable change. One common skin problem that affects people is acne and dealing with it isn’t easy. Let’s look some of the ways you can take care of acne.


Almost everyone has experienced acne in their life more especially during the early stage of puberty; appearance of acne on your skin is as a result of clogged oil in your skin pores. It’s called sebum and its function is to lubricate your hair and skin, when there is excess production of this hormone more especially during puberty or when you eat certain foods, acne appear on your skin.

How To Reduce Acne;

Use warm water and a mild soap to wash your face twice a day. You should massage gently in circular motion, don’t over wash or scrub because doing so will cause skin irritation. After that it’s recommended that you apply benzoyl peroxide lotion, this is a recommendation from American Academy Of Dermatology, and no prescription is required.  Do not burst or pop pimples. That’s what majority of people do in order to get rid of pimples, but this will result in leaving dark spot on your face. It will cause redness, swelling and sometimes leave a scar. You’re also infecting the area to cause more damage to the skin. Avoid touching your face frequently with your hands. This will prevent adding more bacteria that can cause skin irritation. Before applying anything on your face make sure you wash your hands. If you’re using sunglasses make sure to clean them multiple times everyday to avoid clogging skin pores around the nose and your eyes.

If acne spread from your face to other parts of the body avoid wearing tight clothes. Your skin won’t get enough air and can cause irritation.  Always clear makeup before you go to sleep and only buy products that are labeled “nonacnegenic” or “noncomedogenic”. Get rid of any cosmetics product that changes smell than when you bought it.

Minimize your skin exposure to the sun and avoid tanning your skin. A tan creates more skin problems like wrinkles and you’re placing yourself risk of getting cancer.

Dealing with stubborn acne isn’t easy; it’s advisable you take suggestions from a professional dermatologist to guide you on the type of cosmetic products you should be using.

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